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About Me

Age: Under 18
Birthday: 8th March
A.K.A Amarthiel, Emeldir, Lady Silpion
Location: East Australia
Fav. LotR character(s): Aragorn, Gandalf, Eomer, Merry and Pip, The Mouth of Sauron and the Witch King.
Fav. Movies: LotR trilogy, King Kong, King Arthur and X-Men.
Fav. Book: Probably 'The Book of Lost Tales' Currently reading: The History of Middle Earth collection.

Why I made this site: To help keep my obsession with Tolkien's works healthy...and others aswell. To Keep the Legend Alive! Also to put up info that is hard to The Diaries of the West.

**NOTE: I am NOT the 'Maetharanel' of the A-U forum