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MANWË SÚLIMO - Lord of the Breath of Arda

Race: Ainu - Aratar ["the exalted"] - Vala

Names: King of Arda, The First King, Lord of the Air, Wind Lord [O.E - Wolcenfréa. Wolcen = sky, fréa = ruler/lord]

Element: Air, wind, clouds and storms [all regions of the sky]

Realm: In Ilmarin [the Mansions of the High Airs] on top of Taniquetil.

Spouse: Varda

Appearance:"Blue is his clothing, as is his eyes & but more bright and as fearsome as lightning, and of sapphire his sceptre is made."

Favourites: Birds - Especially the Eagles and other birds strong of wing.
Speech and Sound (which are part of his element) Especially song and poetry.
The Vanyar or Light elves- because they are skilled greatly in song and poetry.

- In the Mind of Ilúvator, he is the brother of Melko

- He is the noblest of the Ainu

- Ulmo is his strongest alliance

- He is "the Breath of all the Peoples of the World"

- He sees all the World beneath the skies

- Save Ulmo, He has served the purpose of Ilúvator most faithfully

- He is the chief instrument of the second theme that Ilúvator had raised up against the discord of Melko

- Is dearest to Ilúvator and understands most clearly his purposes

- When Varda is beside him on his throne, he sees furtherer than all eyes, through mist, darkness and all the leagues of the Sea