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ULMO - 'The Lord of the Waters'

Race: Ainu - Aratar [the exalted] - Vala

Names: Lord of the Waters, [O.E - Gársegcgesfréa & ealwæter-fréa]

Element: Water - all seas, rivers, lakes, fountains and springs

Realm: "He dwells no-where long, but moves as he will in all the deep waters about the earth or under the earth."

Spouse: None

Appearance: "...will seldom clothe himself in a body after the manner of his peers. If the Children of Eru beheld him they were filled with a great dread; for the arising of the King of the Sea was terrible, as a mounting wave that strides to the land, with a dark helm foam-crested and a rainment of mail shimmering from silver down into shadows of green. The trumpets of Manwë are loud, but Ulmo's voice s deep as the deeps of the ocean which he has only seen." - J.R.R Tolkien, The Silmarillion.

Favourites: He loves the Children of Eru.


- He has never abandoned the Children of Eru - not even when they lay under the wrath of the Valar

- At times he comes to the shores of Middle-Earth, or passes far inland up the firths of the Sea, and makes music there upon his great horns, the Ulumúri, that are wrought of white shell- those who hear that music hear it ever in their hearts, and are filled with a longing for the Sea that never leaves them.

- Ulmo mostly speaks to those in Middle-Earth with voices that can only be heard as the music of water.

- He knows of all the news, needs and griefs of the World because his spirit is in all the veins of the World