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Welcome to Ando Lómen the Gate of Night, dedicated to the wonderful works of J.R.R Tolkien. Currently, this site under going a huge clean and I've started on new sections so there will be alot more coming in the near future.
--Maetharanel, webmiss--



I'm alive! I'm so sorry for not updating here in so long! I've been very busy with school, and my long awaited art website - Only in Dreams! I am so happy to have it open! As for this site, it is and will remain open, I still have alot to do and very little time to spare. Only in Dreams will more than likely be updated almost always weekly [at the least] seeing as art is my passion in life at the moment. But I am preparing those long awaited maps and another part of this site that I haven't mentioned before [and i'm going to keep it a secret]. And, I've obviously changed the header and text colour of the site, I was sick of the previous one, it sucked. ^^


3 more wallpapers and two new banners[Gimli and Eldarion & Aragorn ones].


Alrighty people! Sorry for not updating in so long! I give to you though, a new layout! [The Door of Night by John Howe. I've obviously played around with it in photoshop to get it looking like it is. ^^]

Unfortuantely that's all I can give you save a couple of new wallpapers. I'm hoping now to get all these new sections up within these two weeks (i've started my easter holidays ^^). And tell me what you all think of the new layout! Cheers, --Maetharanel--




Counter started 1st September 2005

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